RINEKWALL designer and founder, Dana Myerson, learned a lot from a real life "Auntie Mame", her Auntie Alice. Alice traveled the globe in glamorous style on the world's most fabulous cruise liners, draped in flowing chiffon and furs. She was a champion Arthur Murray dancer and a Master Bridge player who always sat next to the captain of the ship. Auntie Alice was every bit as dramatic as her contemporaries; Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Ingrid Bergman, Johnny Weissmuller, Clark Gable, and Marion Davies. Her then apropos painting styles are perfect fits for her favorite subjects. This particular collection of monochrome and limited palette paintings from the 1930's captures the elegant mystery of Alice's peers. Dana hopes that RINEKWALL's new release of the Auntie Alice Collection pays tribute to her joie de vivre and artistic talent.