Inspired by the elaborate designs of Moorish architecture, this collection of designs brings the aesthetic of old world Southern Spain into any space. The collection was created from photographs of surfaces in The Alhambra in Granada, The Alcázar in Sevilla, and the Mezquita in Córdoba.

On a hill overlooking the city of Granada sits The Alhambra. Its rugged fortress-like exterior is in stark contrast to the wonder held within. Marvelously intricate ceramic tile and marble carvings cover the interior and courtyard walls, arches, and columns of the palace. Each patio, room, and hallway offers another incredible feat of design to contemplate. The distressed condition of the surfaces, weathered by centuries of time, adds a tangible aspect to an otherwise surreal experience. Similarly, The Alcázar in Sevilla displays masterfully engineered ceramic tile designs, ornately decorating the palace from the courtyards to the interior rooms. The classic designs in both palaces repeat indefinitely, translating perfectly into wallpaper designs.

In Córdoba, The Mezquita was first built as a church on the site of a Roman temple, later converted into a mosque, and then turned back into a church. It has served as a place of worship for millennia. Massive, spiked, copper doors, spaced along its walls, beautifully protect the sacred edifice. Although countless millions have walked though the doors into the courtyard it remains a singular experience. Greenish-gold windows framed in carved wood face the courtyard garden. The windows decoratively fill the space underneath structural arches while they allow glowing light to illuminate the forest of columns within the building. Adapting the pattern of these functional designs into wallcovering and fabric designs takes exterior elements and brings them inside, creating a unique dynamic.