The Microcrystal Collection is the result of the collaboration between renowned scientist and artist Lee Hendrickson and the design team of RINEKWALL. Hendrickson's images of vastly intricate crystals have been transformed into endlessly repeating designs by RINEKWALL.

Lee Hendrickson's fine art photographs capture a world invisible to the naked eye. Hendrickson's crystals are cultivated at his own studio and laboratory. The crystals refract light in thousands of directions resulting in infinite color combinations. Magnified through a high-resolution digital imaging miroscope, the crystals are typically no larger than the head of a pin. The resulting patterns and complexity of the designs never cease to facinate.

"some crystals have the unique property to behave like a prism," Hendrickson explains, "so as the light passes through the crystal formations on its way to the camera the different colors of the visible spectrum can be revealed."

For 35 years Hendrickson was a research scientist both in academic and biotechnology insititutions. Hendrickson is the author and co-author of over a dozen scientific papers and his fields of studies consist of biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmaceutical development and plasmon resonance technology, and biomedical photography.

In 2005 Hendrickson founded his company Side Street Photographics, dedicated to the development and enrichment of photographic techniques. Hendrickson is an award winning artist, exhibiting his work in the United States and internationally. His work can be found in public, private, and corporate collections.