RINEKWALL designer, Dana Myerson, passed out twenty-two white pieces of paper and black pens to her son's 3rd grade class. She told them to draw peace signs, anyway they wanted. A barrage of questions ensued. Maybe kids are used to more instructions, but that was it from Dana. "I wanted them to draw from their hearts and enjoy themselves. It was magic! Each and every paper a masterpiece!" A smaller group of neighborhood kids drew the PEOPLE design. Dana's instructions were equally open-ended: draw happy faces. Notice the clock faces, a great example of how original art can be interpreted ad infinitum.

These bold designs bring a smile to your face as you contemplate the hope and unity they embody. Through the innnocence of the children's drawings, the viewer is transported to a place where no dream seems impossible. RINEKWALL hopes that we are showing respect and support to these artists' dreams. In presenting PEACE and PEOPLE, two cutting-edge designs, we are proud to assist in spreading the childrens' message of peace and unity for the world.